Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Starred Projects on Github Last Week

    caseyamcl / phpoaipmh OAI-PMH library for PHP

    schmittjoh / JMSDiExtraBundle Provides Advanced Dependency Injection Features for Symfony2

    JMSDiExtraBundle adds more powerful dependency injection features to Symfony2:
    configure dependency injection via annotations
    convention-based dependency injection in controllers
    aspect-oriented programming capabilities for controllers

    Automattic / kue Kue is a priority job queue backed by redis, built for node.js.

    animade / frontend-md looks at your frontend source code and generates a markdown file (called, predictably, outlining the folder/file structure together with any topline comments. It's not a complete documentation system or styleguide generator. Rather it's designed to be a very simple tool which you can use on new or existing projects to get a high level view of how the code is laid out.
  • Portable - drop it into any frontend project and see what's going on
  • Easy setup - very little configuration required
  • Attractive - generates a nested view of folder structure (inspiration taken from
  • Automated - Parses comments in a file, pulls out the first one and adds it as a description
  • Readable - results are saved to a seperate markdown file in the root of your project

  • emirozer / fake2db create test databases that are populated with fake data

    sindresorhus / chalk
    Terminal string styling done right

    colors.js used to be the most popular string styling module, but it has serious deficiencies like extending String.prototype which causes all kinds of problems. Although there are other ones, they either do too much or not enough.

    Chalk is a clean and focused alternative.

    git-ftp / git-ftp Git powered FTP client written as shell script.

    mofarrell / p2pvc A point to point color terminal video chat. 


    alfredxing / calc
    A simple, fast command-line calculator written in Go

    tdenniston / bish Bish is a language that compiles to Bash. It's designed to give shell scripting a more comfortable and modern feel.