Sunday, August 9, 2015

Starred open source projects on github last month

kpashka / linda
Multi-platform, highly configurable conference bot.

SamVerschueren / dynongo
MongoDB like syntax for DynamoDB

epha / dynamise
The promised DynamoDB client of your dreams

rebar / rebar
Erlang build tool that makes it easy to compile and test Erlang applications, port drivers and releases.

basho / riak_kv
Riak Key/Value Store

klacke / yaws
Yaws webserver

p8952 / bocker
Docker implemented in 100 lines of bash

maurizzzio / greuler
graph theory visualizations

ericelliott / essential-javascript-links
Essential JavaScript website.

nikgraf / belle
Configurable React Components with great UX

ipselon / react-ui-builder
React UI Builder

borisyankov / react-sparklines
Beautiful and expressive Sparklines React component

jonobr1 / two.js
A renderer agnostic two-dimensional drawing api for the web.

octalmage / robotjs
Node.js Desktop Automation.

s-a / iron-node
Debug Node.js code with Google Chrome Developer Tools.

avinassh / rockstar
Makes you a Rockstar C++ Programmer in 2 minutes

hugeinc / styleguide
A tool to make creating and maintaining style guides easy.

watson-developer-cloud / tone-analyzer-nodejs
Sample Node.js Application for the IBM Tone Analyzer Service

The dependency injection container for humans

babel / babel-sublime
Syntax definitions for ES6 JavaScript with React JSX extensions.

7shifts / jQueryTimeAutocomplete
jQuery autocomplete plugin that works with times. Works basically the same as Google Calendars time input when you add an event. Example:

Upload / Up1
Client-side encrypted image host web server

sparkbox / mediaCheck
Control JS with mediaqueries

arendjr / selectivity
Modular and light-weight selection library for jQuery and Zepto.js

KartikTalwar / gmail.js
Gmail JavaScript API

ermouth / is a plugin that bind form controls with js data structures.

makeusabrew / bootbox
Wrappers for JavaScript alert(), confirm() and other flexible dialogs using Twitter's bootstrap framework

DrBoolean / mostly-adequate-guide
Mostly adequate guide to FP (in javascript)

install mahout with less pain

$ mkdir mahout
cd mahout/
svn co
cd trunk/
mvn compile
mvn install 
#this will take very long time because of tests
# if you dont want to run tests run mvn -DskipTests clean install
# optionally :