Monday, June 29, 2015

Should I work for free?

This chart will help you to make a decision.

This cart is a copyrighted work by Jessica Hische 2011

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Image Placeholder Services

Here I listed some of my favorite image placeholder services :

  1. - all of your placeholders will be kittens! (Or if you like bears
  2. - boring placeholders but your draft will be more professional without kittens. You can change format, color, text and size
  3. - alternative to
  4. - Random real photos with given sizes. You can give tags or you can get only black and white photos.
  5. - This service has too many features for image placeholding.
  6. - alternative to . Thi service has also an interactive placeholder url generator form
  7. - You can select categories. 
  8. - This service is more popular among others (has no more features from but faster). 


This second list also has many funny services. Have a look


Http status code image holder service