Monday, February 9, 2015

Starred Projects last week

arasatasaygin / is.js
Micro check library

etsy / Hound
Lightning fast code searching made easy

kien / ctrlp.vim
Fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, etc finder.

whiteoctober / WhiteOctoberPagerfantaBundle
Bundle to use Pagerfanta with Symfony2.

streamproc / MediaStreamRecorder
Cross-Browser recording of audio/video media streams; targets WebRTC/getUserMedia/WebAudio/etc. Works both on Chrome/Firefox/Opera on desktop & android.

1up-lab / OneupUploaderBundle
This Symfony2 bundle provides a server implementation for handling single and multiple file uploads using either FineUploader, jQuery File Uploader, YUI3 Uploader, Uploadify, FancyUpload, MooUpload, Plupload or Dropzone. Features include chunked uploads, orphanages and Gaufrette support.

pandao / A simple online markdown editor.

genemu / GenemuFormBundle
Extra Form : Captcha GD, Tinymce, Recaptcha, JQueryDate, JQueryAutocomplete, JQuerySlider, JQueryFile, JQueryImage

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