Thursday, November 26, 2015

Last month in my git radar

Here some of my starred open source projects for last month.

This month my radar catched too many projects so if you want to take a look as full list my starred repos link is

BurntSushi / fst
Represents large sets and maps compactly with finite state transducers

evancz / elm-architecture-tutorial
How to create modular Elm code that scales nicely with your app

paldepind / functional-frontend-architecture
A functional frontend framework.

MyScript / myscript-math-web
The easy way to integrate mathematical expressions handwriting recognition in your web app.

kdzwinel / betwixt
⚡Web Debugging Proxy based on Chrome DevTools Network panel.

samyk / magspoof
MagSpoof is a portable device that can spoof/emulate any magnetic stripe or credit card "wirelessly", even on standard mastripe readers.

samyk / usbdriveby
USBdriveby exploits the trust of USB devices by emulating an HID keyboard and mouse, installing a firewall-evading backdoor, and rerouting DNS within seconds of plugging it in

samyk / skyjack
SkyJack is a drone engineered to autonomously seek out, hack, and wirelessly take full control over any other Parrot drones within wireless or flying distance, creating an army of zombie drones under your control.

joyent / node-krill
simple boolean filter language

0x8890 / simulacra
One-way data binding for web applications.

apfeltee / a2mp3
convert (nearly) every type of (audio)file to mp3 in a quick, easy, batch-enabled way!

Newmu / dcgan_code
Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks

timekit-io / booking-js
Make a beautiful embeddable booking widget in minutes

CacheBrowser / cachebrowser
A proxy-less censorship resistance tool

MrSwitch / hello.js
A Javascript RESTFUL API library for connecting with OAuth2 services, such as Google+ API, Facebook Graph and Windows Live Connect

feross / webtorrent
 Streaming torrent client for node & the browser

Microsoft / JSanity
A secure-by-default, performance, cross-browser client-side HTML sanitization library

facebook / graphql
GraphQL is a query language and execution engine tied to any backend service.

nbubna / storeA better way to use localStorage and sessionStorage

bevacqua / woofmark
Barking up the DOM tree. A modular, progressive, and beautiful Markdown and HTML editor

metabase / metabase
The simplest, fastest way to get business intelligence and analytics to everyone in your company

winterbe / java8-tutorial
Modern Java - A Guide to Java 8

bevacqua / es6
ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points

DIYgod / APlayer
Wow, such a beautiful html5 music player

karpathy / neuraltalk2
Efficient Image Captioning code in Torch, runs on GPU

google / skflow
Simplified interface for TensorFlow (mimicking Scikit Learn)

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